Laser Hair Removal — Post Treatment Instructions

February 9, 2011 in Laser hair removal,Facial hair removal

The list of post treatment instructions that the laser hair removal practitioner will give the client before the first session are important to follow and requires close attention once the laser session is completed. This is because certain things can aggravate the skin following a laser hair removal session, and needs to be avoided. Keeping the skin in the best condition possible will not only make sure that the skin heals properly but also allow the treatment schedule to proceed as planned.

The exact set of laser hair removal post treatment instructions depends on the clinic and the practitioner but they are usually quite similar. Immediately after a laser hair removal session, the skin can be slightly red and irritated, but this is completely normal. The irritation might feel like a mild sunburn and can last a couple of days. A mild, fragrance free lotion can be applied in order to moisturize the skin. If there is pain or discomfort, ice or a cold compress can be applied to the skin, for about 10 minutes several times a day until the area feels better. Due to the irritated skin, natural sun as well most types of chemical creams, including tanning agents, should be avoided until the skin has healed.

Scratching and touching the skin too much after a laser hair removal session should also be avoided, as this can prolong the irritation. Any type of hair removal must also not be done. Waxing and plucking is not allowed between laser hair removal treatments. Shaving is allowed but should be avoided for as long as possible, in order not to further irritate the skin. The treated hairs must be left alone and they will fall out on their own after about one to two weeks. In those rare cases when the client has some blisters or crusting, antibiotic treatment may be used as recommended by the practitioner.

All types of exercise should be avoided for about 24 hours following the laser hair removal procedure, because perspiration can further irritate the treated area. If it is the face that has been treated by laser, no make-up should be applied until the skin is completely back to normal. Showering as normal is allowed, but no exfoliation should be used on the treated area, and the skin will need to be patted dry rather than rubbed.

When it comes to laser hair removal post treatment care the most important thing to remember is to treat the skin as gently as possible, as if it has a mild sunburn, and protect it from the natural sun. This can be done by simply avoiding the sun, or applying sun screen. Another important thing to remember is to not extract the hairs in any way. Allowing the skin to heal properly will make sure that there are no marks or scars following the procedure and that the client will be ready for the next laser hair removal session as scheduled.

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