Laser Hair Removal: How Many Sessions Will I Need?

February 17, 2011 in Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is generally an efficient method that can result in permanent or long term hair reduction. However, it is known not to permanently remove all the hair in any area with a single session, so prospective clients often wonder how many sessions they will need to get rid of their unwanted hair. While it is impossible to say in advance exactly how many sessions a client will need, it is possible to get an estimate, which in turn depends on a variety of factors. Knowing the approximate number of sessions needed can help to understand how long the laser hair removal will take from start to finish, and also the estimated cost associated with it.

The best way to find out approximately how many laser hair removal sessions will be needed is to go on a consultation. Most clinics offer these consultations free of charge. The practitioner will be able to give an estimate number of how many sessions are recommended in order to see a reduction in hair. But the exact number needed is unique, cannot be guaranteed beforehand and depends on various factors such as the density and coarseness of the hair. But some clinics will offer some sort of guarantee, that they will treat the client free of charge if the hair grows back for some reason.

The efficiency of each laser hair removal session has a strong relation to the total number of sessions needed. The client should be treated as efficiently as possible in order to keep the number of treatments fairly low. The client should also be treated with the best laser hair removal machine possible considering their individual hair and skin tone. The newest and latest laser hair removal machines are likely to be much more efficient than older models. An ethical laser hair removal practitioner will make sure that the client is being treated as efficiently as possible in order not to extend the amount of sessions needed.

Anyone considering laser hair removal should understand the hair growth cycle first. This will help when trying to estimate the number of sessions needed. Hair grows in three different stages, so it is impossible to treat all hairs in one session. An absolute minimum of three sessions will be needed, but a higher number is very common. As many as five or six treatments are not uncommon. If a client has been to more than six treatments and still not seen a strong reduction in hair, they might want to consider a different clinic. All laser hair removal clinics have different standards and some clinics do better and more efficient work than others.

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