Laser Hair Removal for Excess Hair Growth

February 28, 2011 in Laser hair removal

Excess hair growth can occur for many different reasons but is almost always a highly undesirable condition. While having an abundance of hair is not a medical dilemma it can be a huge cosmetic problem, so it is no wonder that men and women who suffer from excess hair growth look for the best hair removal method. Laser hair reduction can be beneficial to someone with excess hair growth and help them battle their unwanted hair because it can target large areas and many hairs at one time, but someone who suffers from this condition should always see a doctor first.

The reason a doctor should be seen by someone who is considering laser hair removal for their excess hair growth is because there could be an underlying condition that is causing the extra hair, and sometimes these conditions can be treated, where after the excess hair growth will go away on its own. In the medical field, excess hair growth can be labeled as hypertrichosis or hirsutism, but it is possible to have excess and bothersome hair growth without ever being diagnosed for it. But if the doctor gives the green light for laser hair removal the client should go ahead and schedule a consultation at which point they can get additional insight on how the hair would be removed, as well as the approximate treatment schedule.

Excess hair growth can appear anywhere on the face or body on both men and women but women are usually concerned about excess facial hair while men can have too much hair on the back and shoulders. An individual with excess or abnormal hair growth may need to be treated differently from someone who has just an average amount of hair. This is because excess hair growth can be difficult to treat and may need some adjustments or additional sessions. But laser hair removal will still be efficient on this type of hair growth even if it can take a longer time to treat. While it is not possible to predict the amount of sessions needed without seeing the client, someone with excess hair growth can expect a higher number than usual.

While laser hair removal can certainly seem expensive at first, it can be well worth it, since there is a big possibility that the treatments will lead to permanent or long term reduction of hair. For someone suffering from excess hair growth getting rid of the hair for a longer period of time and not having to worry about constantly removing it can seem priceless. But patience will be needed as hairs cannot be eliminated quickly. An individual with excess hair growth can expect many laser hair removal sessions spaced apart by several weeks until they are considered hair free for a long period of time.

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