Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

January 29, 2011 in Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the more effective methods, with a fairly big chance of having most of the hair removed and the results lasting for a longer period of time. While the method usually does not lead to permanent removal of all hairs, it can easily lead to several months or years of smooth and hair free skin. And the promise of not having to deal with unwanted hair for extended periods of time is what has made it a very popular treatment in recent years, but while it can certainly lead to great results, it will not be efficient on everyone.

While there are machines that can treat tanned and dark skinned clients, laser hair removal is believed by many to be the most efficient on individuals with fair skin and dark hair. This is because the laser will distinguish the dark from the light, and target the dark. While there are machines that can treat those who do not have fair skin, there aren’t many machines that can treat those with light hair colors, which means that laser hair removal will generally not be efficient on individuals with white, grey and blonde hair.

While laser hair removal is considered an effective hair removal method, mostly because it removes hair for the long run, it cannot do so quickly. More than one treatment will most definitely be needed. Depending on results and circumstances, it is possible that only three treatments will be needed, but most people will need more than that. This is because hair grows in different stages, and all hair cannot be targeted in one session.

How new and advanced the machines are will also play a big role in the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Old machines are simply not as efficient as newer ones. Some of the newer laser hair removal machines promise to deliver good results and are worth a try. And while every machine and every laser hair removal clinic has their own efficiency rates, over one third of all existing hairs should be treated in one session. But oftentimes, touch up or maintenance sessions will be needed because hairs can sometimes grow back, for hormonal as well as other reasons. Laser hair removal can only treat hairs that are currently visible to the eye, not hairs that might appear in the future.

The experience of the laser hair removal practitioner who will be performing the treatment is also important when it comes to effectiveness. An experienced practitioner will know what settings to use to be the most efficient while still being safe. The setting has to be high enough to damage the hair follicles but without damaging the skin. Anything other than a slight skin irritation or redness might mean that the setting was too high. While it is important to stay efficient during a laser hair removal session, it can’t be done in a way that will harm the skin.

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