Interview With Kathy Bromley, Electrologist

January 28, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Electrolysis

Kathy Bromley has been operating her self-titled electrolysis clinic in Agoura Hills, California for more than 20 years. She treats both men and women and worked on everything from faces to legs to backs. I asked Kathy about what makes electrolysis an effective and viable hair removal solution.

What makes electrolysis better than other hair removal options?

Electrolysis has been around since 1875.  It has and still is considered the ONLY permanent hair removal method.  Laser is still considered Permanent hair REDUCTION by the FDA.  All other methods i.e. waxing, shaving, threading are temporary fixes.

On which areas of the body do you get the best results?

The areas best served by Electrolysis are the facial areas.  It is precise and when done correctly will kill even the thickest facial hair by killing the root from which it grows. Laser is considered a better option for large body areas, which can then be cleaned up with a few electrolysis visits to permanently kill any remaining hair

What is the average length of time people come to you for a given area?

The amount of visits depend on the hair type, amount of previous hair removal done to the area i.e. tweezing, waxing, etc. This makes the hair more resistant to permanent removal. However if there has been none of that the average treatment is 10-15 visits.

Do people need follow-up treatments down the line? How far down?

Yes, there will be touch-ups down the road, but if the client stays with the program given by the electrologist and comes to ALL appointments as prescribed, then touch ups will be minimal, and usually needed when there are changes to the body chemistry – i.e. pregnancy, hormonal changes, and sometimes certain medicines affect the hair growth.

What’s the difference between good electrolysis and shoddy work?

The difference between good work and shoddy work is that good work, works. If someone has been going for an extended period of time and sees no difference after the first 3-4 visits, then the work is not being done properly (except in cases that are completely resistant to hair removal). Usually this occurs on women who are taking hormones.  Another indication of bad work is marks left behind that don’t heal quickly.  And Lastly IF YOU CAN’T FEEL IT, IT ISN’T BEING DONE RIGHT!

Are there any risks to electrolysis?

There are no risks directly related to electrolysis. However, it is counter-indicated for pregnant woman, diabetics and those with pace-makers or on blood thinners should have a medical release.

How should someone go about choosing an electrologist?

The best referral is word of mouth.  If that isn’t possible I would call the electrologist and talk to them.  You can tell the amount of expertise and confidence by the way the technician speaks.  Go in, Check out a patch test area, and be your own judge!

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