Why Laser Hair Removal Won’t Work on Blonde Hair

January 13, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is proven to work on dark hair, but individuals with blond hair may not have as much luck, in fact, most practitioners will not treat blond hair, simply because it is considered inefficient. In addition to not being efficient on blond hair, laser hair removal also may not lead to great results in slightly darker hair tones, such as light brown hair. Knowing how the technology works will help you to understand why it probably will not yield good results on lighter hair colors and especially blond hair.

In order to understand why laser hair removal won’t work on blond hair, one would simply need to understand how laser technology works. The laser device is attracted to color, sometimes also referred to as pigment or melanin. The laser “recognizes” the color in the darker hair and can target it. The darker hair will absorb the heat from the laser and become destroyed or damaged. The majority of laser hair removal devices are designed to operate in this way. Dark hair has plenty of color in it, that is why laser hair removal is efficient on darker hair. However, blond hair does not have enough pigment in it. The laser simply does not “see” the blond hair and the treatment becomes completely useless.

In other words, dark hair has the most pigment in it, and blond hair has the least, that is why laser hair removal works well on dark hair, but does not work on blond hair. The laser is able to treat the dark hair, because it can easily “see” it, and this darker hair will simply absorb the laser light, which makes it burn down. But when it comes to blond hair, it is a completely different story: since there is little to no pigment in blond hair, the laser will not be able to distinguish it and it will most likely be unaffected by the laser.

While the majority of laser hair removal clinics will operate on most people with dark hair, they will not operate on blond hair, simply because they know it is not going to be efficient. This is simply a matter of ethics, and someone claiming they can treat blond hair with laser hair removal should be approached with caution. While there is no harm in treating an individual with blond hair, there also is no point, as the laser will not be able to do its job properly.

While individuals with blond hair can certainly turn to temporary hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving and hair removal creams, there is only one method of permanent hair removal available for blonds and that is electrolysis. In the future, when the technology of laser hair removal advances, there is a possibility that it will work on blond hair as well, but as of now, it most likely won’t.

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