Laser Hair Removal Disadvantages?

March 28, 2011 in Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a popular hair removal treatment that can efficiently remove hair on most parts of the face and body for a longer period of time. But while laser hair removal is generally a safe and popular treatment, it does come with possible disadvantages, but most of these will greatly diminish with the experience and professionalism of the laser hair removal clinic where the client chooses to receive treatment.

The price of a laser hair removal session can seen as a disadvantage, as it is more expensive than other methods, but the long term cost of all alternatives should be taken into consideration. Considering that laser hair removal cannot be completed in one session, clients need to be ready to pay for several more sessions. But this disadvantage can easily be justified if looking at things from a greater perspective. Laser hair removal, if successful, will eventually require little to no maintenance which in turn will save money which would otherwise have been spent on other hair removal methods.

Another disadvantage can be the pain or discomfort of a laser hair removal session. Not everyone will experience pain and especially not if steps have been taken to prevent it, but it is still possible to feel a small amount of pain. The potential discomfort that can be felt during the laser session comes from the heat that the laser device generates. This heat is needed in order to damage the hair follicles.  However, newer laser machines have better features and built in cooling devices that make the treatment more tolerable. Any prospective laser hair removal clients can do a test patch, to see if they can handle the sensation.

In comparison to shaving and waxing which can be done at home, professional laser hair removal should be done at a laser hair removal clinic. There are laser devices available for home use but some experts state that laser treatments at a clinic are far more efficient. So this essentially means that clients would need to travel to a laser hair removal clinic, which for some could mean an inconvenience. However, most cities have enough laser hair removal clinics that it is possible to find one that is not to far from home, work or school.

Another small laser hair removal disadvantage could be that it is not foolproof. Some clients experience that it was not successful because it did not lead to the hair reduction that they were hoping for. Laser hair removal should be successful on anyone who is a considered a good candidate, especially those with dark hair, but sometimes for certain reasons the hair does not get reduced as expected. If this happens, the client can try a couple of more sessions or switch clinic to see if that will lead to better results. But overall, any possible disadvantages to laser hair removal are outshined by the advantages, which is mainly the possibility of long term hair reduction.

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