How Laser Hair Removal Works

Tired of Excess Body Hair? Learn About Laser Hair Removal Many fortunate people have never had to worry about having too much body hair. However, for people who have this ongoing problem, it can be a miserable and embarrassing thing to have to live with. Whether it is a hereditary or hormonal issue, excess hair can undermine people’s confidence, oftentimes drastically affecting relationships and careers. The effort involved in constantly shaving can seem like a losing battle, but society’s fascination of the “hairless” trend is not going to go away any time soon.

Many people have found a wonderful solution in laser hair removal. Any area, except near the eyes can be treated. The upper lip, face, neck, back, underarms, legs and stomach are the most popular areas.

How Do Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work?

A hand-held laser light selectively targets the dark matter, or melanin (gives color to hair and skin) to the follicle (causes the hair growth). It does not heat any other part of the skin. It used to be, the courser and darker the hair color, the more permanent the results; that is no longer true. Earlier hair lasers could not distinguish between hair follicles and skin pigment, often burning a darker skinned person. With the advent of newer lasers, people are experiencing longer-lasting, gorgeous results. It is now perfectly safe for anyone to have these treatments.

Duration of a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Visits can range anywhere from just a few minutes to several hour’s time. For instance, the lip may be a five-minute procedure, but a person’s back or legs may take considerably longer.

Frequency of Treatments

It sometimes takes more than one visit for a more permanent result. Three to six visits every four weeks, along with maintenance treatments is advised. Depending on the area and the patient, a touch-up might have to be repeated every three months or so. However, some people many not need to have further treatments until a few years later.

Are Laser Hair Treatments Painful?

Most people tolerate the treatments well, but some experience a mild stinging or a tingling sensation as the pulse laser light is administered. Most laser hair removal operators reduce the heat by running some type of cooling device, such as a fan, during the patient’s exposure to it. Pain medications or anesthesia is not generally necessary, but a topical cream can be applied if sensitivity occurs.

Post-Treatment Side-Effects of Laser Hair Removal

After the hair removal session, patients report little to no after-effects; of course, this depends on the skin type and the extent of treatment. Some people experienced a temporary swelling and/or slight redness. This disappears very shortly after treatment, and most return to their normal activities immediately after.

To have smooth, beautiful skin for months at a time, and to no longer have to deal with unsightly hair can be a life-altering thing. For anyone that has battled excess body hair all of their lives, why not try laser hair removal? Kiss those tweezers, razors and waxes goodbye.

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